Guardant Health Streamlines Management Processes

The Challenge

Based in Redwood City, CA, Guardant Health is a leading precision oncology organization dedicated to providing innovative treatments and therapy solutions to patients with advanced stages of cancer. As a company that handles innumerable patient data and service requests, their current alignment of processing systems was significantly disjointed, creating a rather time-consuming and costly adventure. 

Guardant Health, thus, desired an automated integration solution that was capable of handling a seamless streamlining approach utilizing their current systems including:

  • LIMS Oracle db
  • Oracle ERP/SQL
  • Salesforce
  • MuleSoft

Guardant Health had just completed implementation of the MuleSoft® platform and needed a solution for integrations between systems that would streamline the business process. The solution would also need to enable real-time decision making through integrated reporting tools such as sales order data and billing services. One of their main concerns was to continuously add new features in an agile way.

The Solution

After implementing the MuleSoft® product, Apisero assisted Guardant Health with streamlining their customer, billing, and order management processing systems by utilizing ERP Integration. The ERP Integration project leverages workflow capabilities for sales order and billing information flow by creating repositories and branches. GitHub was used for all environments, securing source code management functionality for future engagements. 

As such, Apisero was capable of integrating Guardant Health's LIMS, Billing vendor applications, Oracle/SQL database, Salesforce, Cloud-Docker container API's, and their internal software applications (ACS) through the MuleSoft® platform. Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines were also created to automate code and build system deployment applicability. 

Additionally, Apisero was able to streamline customer/account data, sales order data, invoicing, and billing information on a real-time basis to provide a modern, cloud-based platform for the organization. This advantage was completed through the use of API's written for Guardant Health's XIFIN channel, allowing the system to provide a complete revenue cycle management system that goes beyond the standard billing system approach.

The Results

By utilizing the foundation and defined processes, Guardant Health was able to increase sustainability through enhanced order management functions, greatly reducing their prior time constraints and system deficiencies. The new cycle management system improves overall quality, profitability, and performance optimization for Guardant Health. 

As a result, Guardant Health anticipates that this project will significantly reduce the required man hours of their current developer team in future engagements by a minimum of 50%.

Guardant Health.  (PRNewsFoto/Guardant Health)


  • Headquarters: Redwood City, CA
  • Industry: Health & Wellness


  • Working with hundreds of thousands of client data and billing often complicates even the most sound integration solutions.
  • Guardant Health sought an automative integration solution capable of combining their LIMS, Salesforce, Oracle ERP, and Billing service systems together, providing a more efficient work cycle.


  • ERP Integration streamlines order management and customer billing processes together by integrating multiple software applications using the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • Developed CI/CD to assist with real-time delivery of services


  • Streamlined customer & sales data, invoicing, and billing information on a real-time basis
  • Achieved CI/CD through new pipeline creation
  • Created APIs to assist in data extraction from current operating systems without data leakage
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