Case Studies

Take a look at our customer success stories to learn how we’ve helped leading organizations accelerate their business and scale for growth, year-after-year. 


Guardant Health Streamlines Management Processes

Based in Redwood City, CA, Guardant Health is a leading precision oncology organization dedicated to providing innovative treatments and therapy solutions to patients with advanced stages of cancer. As a company that handles innumerable patient data and service requests, their current alignment of processing systems was significantly disjointed, creating a rather time-consuming and costly adventure.


Isagenix Develops Digital E-Commerce Platform

Now on a mission to “create the world’s greatest health and wellness products and business opportunity that together... transform lives both physically and financially," Isagenix struggled to deliver a seamless customer experience that could compete with online wellness retailers in the digital age.


BlueYonder leverages MuleSoft to deliver rapid business workflows 

During this project, BlueYonder sought the rapid delivery of business workflows between internal and external applications. If successful, this project would reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) and TCI (total capital investment) for customer integrations. 


Presidio Streamlines HR Systems with CloudHub

Presidio is a cutting edge IT solutions provider operating across +60 countries. With hundreds of internal/legacy systems, cooperation between the systems is paramount to ensuring efficient streamlining for Presidio's international operations. However, a few of Presidio's systems followed tedious and faulty manual procedures, and for a leading IT solutions provider in the modern API world, this was simply not acceptable.


Financial Org Utilizes MuleSoft Framework to Connect Fusion Public Cloud to On-Prem Systems

To enhance their framework in future deliveries, this organization wanted to move their current financial system to the Cloud as a SaaS offering, while maintaining their existing integrations. 


Updating and Maintaining Existing Airline System APIs using MuleSoft

In this project, MAC requested an upgraded Mule runtime version (3.9.3), upgraded Operating System (Windows 2019), and the maintenance of existing platform APIs to help develop a seamless experience for airport customers.

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